Identify and reduce risk in the software supply chain.

The Competition Doesn’t Fit the Bill

Unlike TorqSecure, modern software delivery lacks: continuous scanning of pipelines; continuous insight in assets and apps; full stack component analysis.

Accurate and Complete Full-Stack Inventory

With TorqSecure, track usage of libraries and frameworks, applications, containers, operating systems, firmware, hardware, and services across all projects in TorqSecure. Get full-stack traceability for the cloud, for the enterprise, for smart devices, and for IoT.

Identify and Remediate Vulnerable Components

Bring vulnerable components to light with support for multiple sources of vulnerability intelligence including the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), Sonatype OSS Index, NPM Advisories, and VulnDB from Risk Based Security.

Measure and Enforce Policy Compliance

Security, operational, and license policies ensure that associated risk is quickly identified across development teams, suppliers, and partners in the supply chain.

Intelligent Component Analysis Platform

Modern software analysis that operationalizes that software bill of materials (SBOM) as part of the delivery process to end clients.

Pricing Plans

Start with basic needs or scale for access across your entire organization. 



Software Bill of Materials Up to 3 repos
Vulnerability aggregation
Policy evaluation
Impact analysis
Inventory analysis
Auditing workflow
Outdated version detection


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